OTC STD Testing | Over The Counter STD Test Kit

Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS are categorized as some of the deadliest diseases globally as backed by AGScientific. According to statistics, HIV alone does kill around 300, 000 individuals people globally, every year, despite the existence of antiretroviral drugs, which are meant to slow down the deaths. Apart from that, the symptoms of AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia and other STDs can be extremely discomforting and devastating both physically and psychologically. This result of that is immense suffering to the patient and even the people around them.

OTC STD Testing

OTC STD testing is an effective approach to curb sexually transmitted diseases. For those who don’t know, the acronym ”OTC” stands for “Over-the-Counter” and therefore OTC STD testing is simply the shorthand for “Over-the-Counter Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing.”

What makes OTC STD testing slightly unique is the fact that it does not involve the prescription of a healthcare professional as the initial step. In other words, patients do not need a doctor’s recommendation first before getting tested. That ensures a range of benefits including health, financial, among others. Having said that, let’s discuss some of those benefits:

1. OTC STD Testing Offer Convenience and Time-Saving Benefits

It goes without saying that OTC STD testing is not a new phenomenon. Instead, something that has been around with us for as long as I can remember. Something else worth noting is that OTC STD testing is a very lucrative business that has attracted many entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector. As such, there are very many facilities here and there that provide over the counter STD testing services, for the benefit of the public. This ensures convenience and time-saving benefits for clients who consequently do not have to travel many miles in search of a testing facility.

2. OTC STD Testing Facilities Equally Provide World-Class Services to Clients

It is worth noting that though a good number of OTC STD testing services out there are provided by private businesses, these services measure up to those offered by world-class healthcare facilities. Therefore, with them, clients enjoy not only convenience and time-saving benefits but also world-class services.

3. OTC STD Testing Gives Many People Peace of Mind with Respect to the Safeguarding of their STD Status Information

When it comes to getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases, there is no getting away from the fact that many people are always very reluctant due to many reasons. One of them is that they fear the possibility of the information getting out to the public domain and attracting a number of consequences in case the test reveals their underlying sexually transmitted diseases.

Since many patients build a strong relationship with their doctors who end up knowing so many things about them including the people around them, they think that their doctors may reveal their STD information in case of a fallout, even though doctors are guided by professional ethics barring them from doing so.

So, the idea of getting tested the normal way makes them feel a bit uncomfortable. Instead, they find OTC STD testing to work better for them as here they deal with random people who know very little about them and therefore can’t reveal the information to the people around them, in the event of a serious disagreement, even if they wanted to.

4. OTC STD Testing Boosts Your Morale to Take Charge of Your Health and that of Your Sexual Partner(s)

Nothing gives you greater morale to take charge of your health henceforth than learning that you don’t have a sexually transmitted disease, after undergoing an OTC STD testing. Because of that sort of morale, if you were reckless previously, in the sense that you would have multiple sexual partners or shag people whose STD status you did not know without wearing protection, you are going to stop doing that. Doing so is going to protect you and your sexual partner(s) without STDs from contracting these deadly and devastating diseases.

Final Thoughts

Over-the-counter STD testing, which allows people to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases without a prior approval of a medical practitioner provides a number of benefits. These benefits include convenience and time-saving ones, world-class testing services, and peace of mind to many clients with respect to the safeguarding of their STD status information. Apart from that, the final notable benefit of this kind of testing is the fact that it boosts people’s morale to take charge of their health and that of their sexual partner(s).

So, OTC STD testing is a great thing; one that we should all embrace with open arms. With that said, if you don’t know your STD status, know it today with OTC STD testing and get to enjoy all the benefits that come with this kind of testing. With nothing more to say, good luck with it.